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In his more than 30 years of experience in the practice of law, Attorney John A. Poppe has developed a unique approach to the practice of family law that focuses on building a strong family unit consisting of two parents living under separate roofs effectively co-parenting and raising happy well adjusted children.

The common ideology is that divorce is the destruction of the family, this line of thinking permeates our social and religious lives. The negative connotation given to the process of divorce often leads to separating spouses who enter into the process with an expectation of going into battle and protracted litigation. At Poppe Law Office we employ a unique approach to divorce focusing always on making the lives of the litigants better and moreover improving the lives of the children of the marriage.  

While we will not hesitate to do so when necessary, it is not always best to go to trial or engage in protracted litigation in order to arrive at a favorable result. More often than not, protracted litigation does more harm than good. Our approach has been helping families restructure their lives for more than two decades. Let us help you rebuild your family today. Call now to schedule your initial consultation and see how our methods can assist you in building a stronger family unit through divorce or dissolution.
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